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WeCamp 2020

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WeCamp is a code retreat in the spirit of Ruby DCamp,
organized by a few community enthusiasts trying to keep the dream alive.

WeCamp is an event for people who value the human side of software development in addition to the technical and recognize that great people are a force multiplier on software teams. If you’re looking to expand your team with great people who happen to be great software developers, sponsoring WeCamp is an excellent way to show them that your company values the same. Some companies have received over a dozen applications as a result of their sponsorship of individual similar events in the area.

Bronze Sponsorship: $500

Covers the cost of swag and various administrative costs


  • Small logo in our sponsor list
  • Shout out during the welcome ceremony
  • Shout-out on Twitter

Please submit this form by August 01.

If you have any questions, please contact Mae, Polly, and Casey at we.camp.dc@gmail.com.

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Amount to be charged: $500.00